There are many aspests of baseball that can be explained using physics and Newton's Laws of Motion. We'll start out with the most obivous example, batting.


Batting is mainly a mechanical science. It involves hitting as much as it does form. Hitting with a bat is prominent in two sports today. These sports are baseball and cricket. The range you hit the ball is either cut short or aided by simple things. One is the speed of the bat when you make contact with the ball. Another is the twist of your hips during your swing and when the bat makes connection with the ball. And the third is the extention on your arms. This decides how powerfully, and where on the bat you would hit the ball. This also determines the path of the baseball and the distance it travels before falling.

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Some of the basic angles are simple. Your bat swing should be around a fourty-five degree angle to create a powerful swing resulting in longer, stronger drives. Your hips should be at a ninety degree angle. Your arms and bat should be at a 180 degree line. and your bat should also travel through the swing at a 180 degree motion. Your front foot should twist in at 90 degrees from where it began. These are some of the basic batting mechanics.

Newtons Three Laws of Motion

Newton's first law - Every object will remain in motion unless an external pressure is provided. This says that the ball could go on forever except that air causes friction with the ball. The fourty-five degree angle causes a steady rise with distance making it a supreme angle.

Newton's second law - Newton's second law states that the relationship between an objects force, mass ,and exelleration are vectors. This merely states that they are each components of the equation for the most velocity. This is the reason why they are very careful on the production of the ball so the ball does not affect the game.

Newton's third law - For every action there is an equal and opposite action. A good example is a balloon. Most people believe that the air coming out of a released balloon is pushing it. It is acually the air pushing with the motion of the balloon that is pushing it. The same thing happens with a baseball. The bat pushes the ball and air coming with the bat helps to carry it.

Hitting Mechanics

1. First you need to lift up your front foot up (left foot for right handers, right foot for left handers). Try to keep it under your waste and don't lower your body level while stepping. Just put it right back down or a little forward. While loading your step you will rock your arms back about three inches.

2. Next you will put your foot down in the place where you first had it. While doing this you will start moving your bat forward. While doing this make sure that you do not drop your shoulder causing you to having a huge upper cut resulting in a low batting average making you sit the bench. Your hands will move back to where they started.

3. Next start rotating your hips. Don't let your shoulders come around until your hips take them. Make sure you pop your wrist for extra bat speed.

The top video explains a sucessfull stance (although there are others).

The bottom video shows how the correct angles (45 degrees) can pay off.