Nuclear Weapons

Since 1945, when the first nuclear bomb was exploded by the Manhattan Project team in the US, nuclear weapons have spread across the globe. Currently, the US has about 7,000 warheads and the nations of the former Soviet Union have approximately 6,000. There are enough nuclear weapons in the world to destroy all civilization as we know.
March 8, 1968 A Soviet Golf-II class submarine with three nuclear-armed missiles aboard sinks 750 miles off the coast of Oahu in the Hawaiian island
March 11,1957 A B-47 bomber accidentally drops a nuclear weapon over Mars Bluff South Carolina. The conventional explosive trigger detonates, leaving a crater 75-feet wide and 35-feet deep. Yet there has never been a nuclear war so far.

Fission Bombs

Animation of Fission Bomb
Animation of Fission Bomb

A fission bomb uses an uncontrolled nuclear fission chain reaction to release an enormous amount of energy in a small amount of time. There are no control rods and when uranium is used as the fuel, it is much more enriched than the 4% 235U in nuclear fuel rods. This means that there is less 238U and thus less neutrons are captured.

This is a picture of a supper nuclear bomb that supposedly China has just made.
They thretened us with this bomb around the 22 of Febuary.
The power of this bomb is supposed to be as strong as five regular nuclear bombs


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Nuclear Bomb Effects

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Nuclear detonations are the most devastating of the weapons of mass destruction. To make this point one need only recall the pictures from Hiroshima, or the problems in Kajekastan.

Countries with nuclear weapon capobility

United States







North Korea




Enola Gay

This is the picture of Enola Gay and the crew that dropped the first nuclear bomb over Hirochima in 1945.

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Nuclear Explosions


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The First Nuclear Bomb
This is the picture of the first nuclear bomb that has been photographed.
It was later fired at Hirochima by Enola Gay in 1945.
They named it little man because of its size and power.