Snake.gifThe Spitting Cobra Shoots Venom Out Of It's Eyes. A Direct Hit Can Blind For Life. The Spitting Cobra Shoots Venom Out As Far As 3 FT. The Cobra Sometimes Strays Into Yards And Houses In Search Of Food. If Encountered. Please, LEAVE IT ALONE And Call Someone For Help. The Spitting Cobra Can Blind A Full Grown Man In 30 Seconds Flat. A New Type Of Species For The Spitting Cobra Was Found In The Kenya Wildlife. This New Snake Is 9 FT. Long. It Is To Believe To Have More Venom In One Single Bite Than Any Other Cobra In The World.

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This Is What The Cobra Looks Like. Cobras Spit Venom at Eyes With Nearly Perfect Aim.

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This is the newest Cobra found in the world.


This Is A USA Citizen With A Spitting Cobra In His Field At His Farm.

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The Spitting Cobra Is A reptile. A Reptile Has Scaly Skin, Lays Eggs On Land And Is Cold Blooded.
There Are More Than Three Varieties Of The Spitting Cobra. Some Of Them Are The Black Neck Spitting Cobra, The Asp, And The Ringhal Spitting Cobra. The Black Neck Spitting Cobra Is Related To The Desert Cobra.
The spitting cobra lives in a two story nest when it's laying it's eggs. The spitting cobra lives in Southern Egypt to Northern South Africa. The cobra is a reptile that lives in warm climates.

The spitting cobra spits venom and can cause blindness. The cobra's enemy is the mongoose. Another enemy is the ferret. When the cobra is threatened it flattens it's neck into a hood.
The spitting cobra eats rats, rabbits, lizards, frogs, fish, and birds. Only the cobra can eat an egg whole.
The cobra has long spines inside it's throat on the neck vertebrae. The spitting cobras colors range from dull black to pink. When the cobra is an adult it's about ten feet long.
Most people think snakes are slimy but the spitting cobra is not slimy. It has dry scaly skin. I think spitting cobras are cool because they can spit venom.