The evolutin of people can be explained in many ways one of the ways it can be explained be the Adam and Eve theory, which is the theory that God created Adam and then used one Adams ribs to create Eve. Adam and Eve had two children that we know of Cain and Abel. Then Cain went out to find a wife and was successful, but we have no idea were this woman came from,and so the cycle began. Some people acually take this story litteraly,but some people don't some people beleive that we evolved from the theory that I'm about to tell you.
The other theory to how we were made is the theory that we evolved for monkies. That is one of the other theories that we can't yet explain but they think that they are getting close to finding out. Scientists think that we might have come from a similar species know as the monkey. The theory that we come from monkies is that some scientists have studied the skull of a monkey and the skull of a human and the resembalence is almost the exact same.